Homeowner Testimonials

“It’s amazing to be only an hour away and be on vacation. Our summer was 100 times better, safer, more fun, and easier than it could have been. We have a four-year-old boy and he spent all summer at the beach across the street. The building has luxury appointments, including a beautiful meeting room and pool. Even when it gets colder out, we’ll probably spend most of our time there.”

“When we saw 365 Ocean for the first time, we just fell in love right away because it was clear that it offered a higher standard of living than the other properties we saw. It didn’t feel like a weekend place to us. It was more like a home. It had that feeling. We made up our mind right away that this is where we want to be.”

“Everything about the place is incredible. I even have a view of the ocean when I am in my kitchen doing the dishes. You can stand in your own home every day and see the sunrise. To me there’s nothing better than that.”

“I just want to emphasize how great the staff at the building and at Mark Built Homes was. They made the whole home buying experience enjoyable. We’re happy to be in a place that looks after its residents the way they do. They really care about the property, and just knowing that we have people like that working on our behalf and protecting our investment is reassuring.”

“This building is really second to none. It would be anyone’s little golden gem if they had a chance to get a share of the ownership here while it’s still available. It’s that beautiful.”

Steve Gjolanga

“365 Ocean has been just what we were looking for. When we come home from work, we walk through the front door, settle down, gaze at the ocean and you can just feel the stress just flow away.”

 “We picked Long Branch because it has such a great, eclectic mix of boutique shops and eateries against the backdrop of a beautiful shore community. It’s a mix that works really well here.”

“For years I would walk up and down Ocean Boulevard and just admire the view, and the shops and the restaurants and how quickly the Long Branch community was developing. When we were ready to buy, 365 Ocean seemed like the perfect fit for us. At 57 units it was just small enough that we could retain our privacy, and yet it was large enough that if you wanted to engage with other people, you could do that. This was the perfect size in the perfect location right on the beach, with the perfect views.”

“There’s something to be said for being able to watch the sun rise over the ocean from your living room and then, 12 hours later, watching the moon reflect its light off the water. It’s peaceful and life-affirming. It’s such a joyful experience.”

“The pool is stunning. When you’re lying down on a lounge chair you can’t tell where the pool ends and where the ocean begins.”

Frank Reda

“I wanted to buy something that would be a second residence but had the potential for me to move there permanently one day if I chose to do that. I looked all over. I went to Spring Lake, Monmouth Beach, and several other towns up and down the coast, but I kept returning to Long Branch. Ted Hanley at 365 Ocean was one of the nicest salespeople I’ve ever dealt with in my life. There was no pressure. He said to go out and visit other places and make sure I chose the home that was right for me. I visited many communities and did a lot of research, and the further I got into it, the better I felt about buying at 365 Ocean.”

“I really like location of 365 Ocean. It is a little more removed from Pier Village and the public parking, so the beach is less crowded. At the same time, it is walking distance if you want to go to the gym or grab something to eat. You can just walk along the boardwalk.”

Mary-Kay Coyne

“I buy houses all around the world and I only look for unique properties. This community, and in particular the residence that I chose, has everything I was looking for. It’s very close to the ocean, it has a wraparound balcony and the views are exceptional. It is the kind of place that, in my opinion, there will always be a strong demand for in the market.”

“I think Ted Hanley is a very good sales person. He does not try to sell you anything, really. He is more interested in trying to help you find what you want. That approach is very good at building security with the client and to be honest, it was one of the main reasons why I bought here. Even now, after I have already bought the place, he always responds quickly to me and is there to help with any questions that I have.”

Eugene Chertkov

I am in construction, and when I saw the quality of the design and building materials, it impressed me. I’d also like to say that dealing with Ted Hanley in the sales office was enjoyable. He had great knowledge of the dynamics of the building and helped us decide what unit would best fit what we were looking for.”

“I find 365 Ocean to be somewhat similar to where I lived in Red Bank. I like walking to church. I like walking on the boardwalk or in the downtown. To me there is a similarity in the lifestyle, except at 365 Ocean you are also right on the beach.”

“We’re beach people. We’re pool people. We kayak. We have three grandkids and they are at the beach all of the time. So living right on the beach and having access to the community’s amenities is something that we are really able to make the most of.”

Bruce Balady

“I wanted to be somewhere that you can walk to restaurants and this seemed perfect. At the same time, I don’t really like crowds. So I was looking for something where maybe the beaches are a little less crowded and you don’t have to be right in the middle of the action all of the time.”

“I was blown away the first time that I saw this home. It really just stopped me in my tracks. I remember it so vividly. All of the units were beautiful. They had high ceilings and were well-designed and had great views. Then Ted (sales agent Ted Hanley) took us to the Penthouse. I was sold right when I walked in. The first thing I saw was the railing and the terrace and it reminded me of a cruise ship. I loved the design.”

“I would say the level of professionalism that I’ve seen here at 365 Ocean has been first rate. From every single person who works in the building, all the way up to the owner, we’ve been blown away by the respect that we have been treated with. We love the home and the building, but it’s the people here that have made this such a special experience for us.”

Nicolle Peto